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Lakeside Superstars is a marketing initiative that focuses on the development and promotion of all business operations, individuals, and vendors who make up the incredible operations here at Lakeside Event Center.  A team concept that highlights the skills, talents, and efforts of individuals, business owners, and vendors, that, as part of the initiative, help to promote the success of the others within the center.
Lakeside Superstars “University”, a Lakeside Center school, is a service provided to all associates servicing or housed at www.lakesideeventcenter.com, where all Lakeside Operations and Vendors come together to provide expertise and learning around all elements of internet marketing and business success to those who have embraced the Lakeside Family.  The philosophy is to support each other, so all benefit!  A true team effort!

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Alexa Melby The Salon at Lakeside Superstar

Alexa Melby

The Salon at Lakeside