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Baby Shower Event Venue Located On The Shores of Lake Jacqueline In Las Vegas


Pink baby shoes

Love, joy and wonderful dreams all the sweet things a baby brings.  Bottles and Bibs and Booties and more…  Let’s shower the baby with gifts galore.  Precious baby so sweet and new the world is waiting just for you.

There is a lot that goes in to planning a Baby Shower!  Are you considering an indoor or outdoor venue?  Will you be playing any Baby Shower Games?  How about the food and drinks?  Will you be setting up a personalized catered menu? Let us plan your Baby Shower!  It is easy, after all, we are the experts!

You can meet personally with our Executive Chef, Beni Velazquez, to discuss your catering options and create “the perfect and memorable” experience for you and your guests. Choose from traditional to lavish food choices: We offer inter-active appetizer stations, buffet and plated options and pasta and carving stations are available. Our professional mixologists will create the perfect signature cocktails for your special event, or you can browse our extensive bar packages.

If you are need of decorations there is no need to fuss, our on-site flower shop can attend to all of your needs.

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